About Community Vehicle Trust

Community Vehicle Trusts in Canterbury fulfil an important role in providing a transport option to smaller, often rural, communities that are outside of the urban public transport network.

They provide a means of transport for residents who may be unable to transport themselves, from their home to nearby towns or cities for medical appointments or shopping visits.

Vehicle trusts largely rely on the goodwill of the local community by recruiting volunteers to drive the vehicles and administer the trusts. Trips are therefore able to be kept affordable for passengers, and destinations are specifically geared to the needs of the community.

Community Vehicle Trusts are registered charitable trusts, fully community-owned and operated. Funding grants are provided by Environment Canterbury and other organisations. Each is governed by a local board of trustees, with volunteers driving the vehicles for the trust. Passenger fees are set to cover the operating cost of the trips.

What communities would suit having a Community Vehicle Trust?

  • Smaller rural towns
  • Towns without public transport or taxi services
  • Towns with an older population
  • Community-minded towns with enough people willing to volunteer as drivers and trust members.

There are many advantages to establishing a vehicle trust in the right community

  • Providing affordable and dignified transport options for people who are unable to transport themselves
  • Keeping people living in their own homes for much longer
  • Allowing people to get out and about as they get older
  • Provides a wider range of customers for nearby businesses.
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