Setting up a vehicle trust

Community Vehicle Trusts operate throughout Canterbury, providing transport in areas outside of the urban public transport network and helping communities to thrive. Environment Canterbury supports these trusts with funding grants and guidance from key staff.

If you believe your community could benefit from a Community Vehicle Trust, discussing your community’s transport needs and getting advice on processes will help you determine whether this is something you wish to pursue and are eligible for.

Speaking to Environment Canterbury’s Community Transport Advisor is a good place to start.

The following steps outline the process for setting up a Community Vehicle Trust

Organise a meeting with Environment Canterbury

  • Set up a meeting with Environment Canterbury’s Community Transport Advisor, potential committee members and your community, to talk through the step by step process. This meeting will provide the opportunity for people to ask questions and establish the next course of actions.

Recruit steering committee

  • Decide on the geographical boundary of your operation
  • Decide who will be the trustees or board members and how the trust or society will operate (i.e: Treasurer, Chair, Vice Chair, Fundraiser, Secretary)
  • Draft a trust deed or constitution that includes your aims, powers and rules
  • Define your volunteer driver recruitment procedure
  • Write a Community Vehicle Trust business plan.

Form a charitable trust

Administrative requirements

  • Drivers are volunteers and are not paid for driving
  • Fares paid by the passenger can cover only the running cost of the vehicle
  • The vehicle can carry a maximum of 12 people including the driver.

Environment Canterbury compliance

  • Sign Memorandum of Understanding between Environment Canterbury and the Community Vehicle Trust
  • Medical check for drivers
  • Police check for drivers
  • Submit copies of annual accounts to Environment Canterbury and Charities Services.

The Community Transport Advisor can help you work through this process.

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